We Are The # 1 venture builder in The Netherlands

We only work with experienced teams & crisp propositions which are genuinely good executed


All our ventures secure funding

We are picky. We only work with ventures in which we truly believe. We get excited about passionate teams who build crisp businesses revolving around innovation, sustainability and clean energy. Together we build, grow and fund ideas which generate a meaningful impact.


We help turn big dreams into proof-of-business. We provide knowledge, tools and resources


Ideas are great, but execution is decisive. We partner with ambitious teams to build and grow companies which have true potential and real impact.


We are not a VC fund, but invest in our own companies and team-up with acclaimed investors & platforms to structure deals and secure funding.


the world´s first baby carrier with an Exoframe
Leading Dutch developer of customer experience & interaction software.
The one-stop-shop for reusables


InCredible Ventures played a crucial role in securing the funding we needed and setting up our sales and marketing teams. Their dedication and strategic guidance were instrumental in our success.

We gladly endorse InCredible Ventures as a valuable partner for companies in need of funding support and strategic growth expertise.

Mark de Raaij – CEO & Founder

Our experience with InCredible Ventures has been highly beneficial. Their commitment to WeCup and their holistic approach to business development have significantly accelerated our progress.

Their mentorship, industry expertise, and collaborative spirit have been instrumental. We recommend InCredible Ventures to other startups seeking strong support.

Jody Koenders – Founder


We get shit done. We are a team of serial and serious entrepreneurs. We have been involved in 20+ companies. From strategy to funding and from down-to-earth marketing and sales to complex M&A.

We thrive on achieving measurable results. We take an active role and bring our expertise, resources and network directly into your venture.

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